Under Texas law, bus transportation is available from the district for any student living two or more miles from the school unless a transfer is in effect. At present, no zoned residence is two miles or more from the BFE campus so, accordingly, school buses do not serve our school on a daily basis.



  • All automobile traffic should observe and obey the signs posted in and around the school zone. Obeying the speed limit is especially important.
  • The crossing guards and safety patrols are not authorized to direct vehicle traffic. Their primary responsibility is the protection and control of pedestrian traffic.
  • The drive-in front of the building has a red fire lane. DO NOT leave cars parked or unattended in this lane.
  • Safety patrol students will be stationed at points along the curb to open and close car doors for students to exit. Students should not exit from any other area except on the curbside next to the building.
  • Parents should drive with extreme caution in the front drive. Please remember to pull your car all the way up to the farthest point when dropping off or picking up your child. The service entrances and faculty parking lots are not to be used for dropping off or picking up students.



  • For safety reasons, students in Grades K-2 are asked not to ride bicycles to school.
  • All students in Grades 3-6 who ride bicycles are encouraged to follow the safety rules: walk bikes across crosswalks, no riding double, and ride on the right side of the street.
  • Bicycle helmets must be worn.
  • Bicycles are not to be ridden on the school grounds. Please walk.




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