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The Paw Pride Pledge Drive is Brentfield PTA’s annual fundraiser.  Your tax-deductible donation is crucial to the success of the PTA sponsored programs and support for teachers and students of Brentfield. The money raised supports all PTA sponsored programing during this school year, including Buddy Fun Day, Carnival, D.O.Cs., LEAD Fund, S.T.E.A.M. and More!          


Your charitable donations can be made via the online store or via check or cash.


Please help the PTA reach 100% of our PAW PRIDE PLEDGE DRIVE GOAL!  We are counting on the participation of ALL OUR FAMILIES to help us get there. Our PTA Thanks you in advance for your support.    The suggested minimum donation is $50 - $50 supports 1 student.   


Please contact Susan Marvin at with any questions.






THANK YOU to our 2020-2021 Paw Pledge Drive donors! 

This annual fundraiser supports all PTA sponsored programs. 



Thank you! 

We couldn’t do it without you!




2020-2021 Paw Pledge Drive Donors!


Diamond $500+ = 6 donors

Angle Family

Bedell Family
Carter Family
Elam Family
Harris Family
Mackay Family


Platinum $250- $499 = 14 donors

DonCarlos Family
Cheng Family
Harman Family
Holt Family
Johnson Family
Laude Family
Milstein Family
Moore Family
Morgan Family
Norton / Graham Family
Salisbury Family
Schwope Family
Somer Family
Werner Family


Gold $150-$249 = 41 donors

Dempsey Family
Gill Family
MacDonald Family
Reed Family
Adams Family
Amari / Awad Family
Beacom Family
Bonhamgregory Family
Carter Family
Coben Family
Cohen Family
Cooper Family
Eick Family
Ettinger Family
Fishel Family
Ford Family
Griffith Family
Grossman Family
Guggenheim Family
Hernandez / Geczi Family
Johnson Family
Kahale Family
Kommer Family
Landry Family
Leggatt / Maerschel Family
Martin Family
McCarthy Family
McMillian Family
Miller Family
Miller Family
Morrow Family
Perry Family
Rickard Family
Rifkin / Ortman Family
Rokenes Family
Rothschild Family
Steinbach Family
Sutker Family
Todd Family
Walters Family
Yenne Family


Green $50-$149 = 176 donors

Cohen Family
Mock Family
Berardi Family
Bermudez / Phillips Family
Black / Mathews Family
Craigo Family
Dabrowski Family
De Simone Family
Ebbesen Family
Fontanillas / Hancock Family
Freshwater / Poole Family
Garcia Family
Gendason Family
Grishman Family
Hanes Family
Kaufman Family
Khodaparast Family
Larson Family
Lind / Cohen Family
Lyons Family
Malmgren Family
McBride Family
Mills / Detzel Family
Nickels / Harwood Family
Pardue Family
Powers Family
Rosenzweig Family
Sahl Family
Stern Family
Torres Family
Vickers Family
Wisner Family
Adair Family
Adams / Dzieciatkowski Family
Adler / Ranjan Family
Adler / Ranjan Family
Alexander Family
Amstutz Family
Arttus Family
Avila / Ross Family
Bailey Family
Barton Family
Barton Family
Bender Family
Berger Family
Birnbaum / DeVane Family
Bishop Family
Blum Family
Bond Family
Brickert Family
Brownlee Family
Brownlee Family
Callahan Family
Carignan Family
Casagrande Family
Cohen Family
Columbus Family
Day Family
Doe / O'Neal Family
Dunlap Family
Dunn Family
DuVal / Roshek Family
Epperson Family
Estrada / Melgar Family
Estrada / Melgar Family
Etheridge Family
Falk Family
Flores / Barron Family
Freshwater Family
Freshwater / Poole Family
Gallichio Family
Gardner Family
Geng / Song Family
Goldberg Family
Goldblatt Family
Gomez Family
Gonzalez / Giancaspero Family
Gonzalez / Giancaspero Family
Gorenc Family
Guerrero Family
Gurley Family
Haley Family
Hall Family
Hart Family
Henika / Ball Family
Hennessy Family
Henry Family
Hooker Family
Ittigson Family
Jones Family
Kahn Family
Kahn Family
Kaplan / Slobin Family
Katz Family
Khaing Family
Klepsch Family
Knopick Family
Kuo Family
Landers Family
lanyon Family
Laves Family
Lenz Family
Lesher Family
Livesay Family
Love Family
Luckey Family
Lund Family
Madden Family
Mandel Family
Mano Family
Margow Family
Marvin Family
McBratney Family
McClure / Cofer Family
McGlothlin Family
McMurtrey Family
Mejia / Hamilton Family
Meymand Family
Milburn Family
Mor Family
Morguloff Family
Morrison Family
Murdter Family
Murdter Family
Myszka / Reynolds Family
Neill Family
Nicolay Family
Niederman / Kapusta Family
Norris Family
Okamura Family
Okamura Family
Olinick Family
Ortiz Family
Parrish Family
Parrish Family
Pass Family
Passmore Family
Pate Family
Pavan Family
Payne Family
Perry Family
Powers Family
Price Family
Pulliam Family
Rajkumar Family
Reid Family
Rethorst Family
Roa Meza / Quiroga Family
Robinson Family
Russell Family
Russell Family
sagawa Family
Sander Family
Santana Family
Schweig Family
Schwinghammer Family
Sears Family
Sheeran Family
Singleton Family
Stuart Family
Tanghongs Family
Tarantino Family
Tran Family
Trizila Family
Twilley Family
Van Goor Family
Vith Family
Vith Family
Waits Family
Weiner Family
Wellington Family
Willers Family
Williams Family
Wolff Family
Ye Family
Young Family


Basic $1-49 = 27 donors

Schwinghammer Family
Sheimberg / Ovadia Family
Gammieri Family
Ross Family
Hoyos Family
Parker Family
Velez / Gomez Family
Cappetta Family
Crawford Family
Hurst Family
Koszewski Family
Morrow Family
Wolford Family
Howard Family
Mosnes Family
Perry Family
Wu / Duan Family
Skolnik Family
Foster Family
Glenn Family
Hunter Family
Price Family
Worzer / Petrosino Family
Paine Family
Phillips / Hardin Family
Schick Family
Wisner Family




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