The 5th Grade Class Cordially Invites You To Brentfield's


Friday, March 24th at 6pm






Annual Talent Show hosted by the 5th grade



All Brentfield Families are encouraged to attend Talent Show.



Friday, May 6th at 6:30pm



Pearce Auditorium




To showcase the talented students of Brentfield and have a Bobcat social event that’s family friendly. It is a tradition at Brentfield that the fifth grade hosts the Talent Show to raise funds for their last year at Brentfield. During their 6th grade year, the funds will be used for graduation, memorabilia and fun field trips.



Tickets and Paw Packs go on sale Wednesday, April 13th at 9am. 


All Reserved and General Admission Tickets will be sold through from April 13 - showtime on May 6. 


Paw Packs (limited quantities) will be sold through the Online Store until April 22.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are there reserved seats?
Yes. There will be both Reserved (Gold & Silver levels) and General Admission (unassigned) seats available for sale starting on April 13 at 9am. Go to the Online Store and click on the "Buy Tickets" button to be redirected to our event on Follow the prompts from there. Note, there is a limit of 4 tickets per person for the “Gold” and “Silver” sections, but no restrictions on General Admission quantities. Surcharges apply and all tickets will be delivered via email. *Scroll to the end of this section for helpful purchasing tips.


How much are tickets?

Gold seating -- $25/ticket

Silver seating--$18/ticket

General admission seating--$8/ticket

*There will be a surcharge on all tickets*

See seating chart below:


Who needs to buy a ticket?

Everyone with the exception of lap children!  (Even those participating in the show and 5th graders.)  Students that are in the show will sit in a section reserved for acts during whichever act they are in (Act One or Act Two). They may sit in general seating or in their reserved seat, if purchased, for the act that they are not participating in.

Can I buy tickets the night of the event?

Yes, you can buy General Admission seating the night of the event at the Box Office. Limited quantities may be available. 


How long will the show last?

It is our goal to wrap the Talent Show up by 9:30 pm.


How will I know which act my child is in?

We will email out which act your child is in by Thursday, April 14th.


Can other family members attend the show?

Yes!  All family and friends are welcome.  Pearce Auditorium has limited handicap seating.  If you or a family member is in need of an accessible seat, please purchase a general seat for that individual and send an email with “accessible seat for (your first and last name)” as the title to  While we’ll make every attempt to seat you with the rest of your party, due to the limit of handicap accessible seats, that might not be possible. No strollers are allowed in Pearce Auditorium.


What’s for concessions?

Pizza (while quantities last), candy, chips and sodas will be available for purchase at the concessions stand.


What else can I buy?

Paw Pack - This year’s must-have item to fully enjoy the Talent Show!  The Paw Pack will be a limited edition Brentfield drawstring bag that includes glow bracelets, popcorn, two concessions tickets, and water.  The Paw Pack will cost $12.00 each and will have enough room to hold your other concession stand purchases!


Where will concessions be available?

Before the show, during intermission, and after the show, we will have concessions available upstairs and downstairs. Concessions will not be sold during the show.


Can I get VIP Treatment?

Yes! For $25 you can purchase one of six “Golden Buzzers” which will allow you to skip the lines and go straight to the front!  Your child can use this to be the first in line to get concessions!  Limited number available so get this fast!


Want to pick your groups placement for the talent show??* For $150, you can choose exactly where you want your group to perform in the line up!  There will be one sold for Act 1 and one sold for Act 2.

*Bobcats will open the show and teacher act will close Act 1*


Please contact with questions.


Tickets to the City Purchasing Tips:


*Reserved & General Admission are set up as separate "events" on our ticketing site. You will need to select the desired ticket type to be taken to the correct page. If you wish to purchase both Reserved & General Admission tickets, we recommend you place the selected reserved tickets in your cart first and then hit "Home" at the top to return to our main page to choose general admission. Do not hit the back button!


*For Reserved seating, you first select your desired section (6 available). The seating map is loaded on the site for reference. Remember to scroll all the way down the page to see all of the rows and seats available in that section. You will click on the actual seats you want (limit 4). Place them in your cart ASAP! Seats are shown as available until they are actually placed in a cart. Then they are marked as "S" for sold. As such, it is possible that users could be selecting the same seats at the exact same time, but when you go to place them in your cart, they disappear. This is because someone else beat you to the punch. Go back and select new seats!

*For General Admission seats, you have to enter/type in an actual quantity. No limit. 

*Tickets/Receipts will be delivered via email. If you don't receive an email after you checkout, please check your spam folder. You will need this e-ticket (physical or pulled up on your phone) to gain entry the night of the Talent Show. If you delete or misplace this email, simply return to our ticketing home page and select "Find My Tickets" at the top. Enter your email address for your order to be located and resent to you.


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