The Brentfield Dads on Campus (DOCs) program provides a unique opportunity for you to invest time in the lives of your children, foster a safe environment, and provide male role models to the wonderful students of Brentfield Elementary.  


Look out for the annual DOC's Information Meeting 
in the Bobcat Bulletin!
A day in the life of a DOC...
Arrive early (7:30-7:45) to help out with the Primary Building Drop off. The younger kids sometimes need a little extra help getting out quickly and safely.
After drop off, visit with the fabulous Vice Principal of Brentfield Elementary in the Primary Building. She'll outline your schedule for the day and also explain the "tickets" that you give out to kids that you catch being exceptionally good. You'll get the honor of awarding each of these children that has displayed exemplary behavior with a fun gift. 
Next, you'll proceed to your first class. Throughout the day, you will transition between grades/classes. You can expect to read stories to children (don't be afraid to be animated, no one will know), listen to the children read stories, help with spelling or learning to write ABCs, do math, and play music. You may be asked to help put up or tear down decorations. You may learn jokes from first graders during lunch. You may be the "swing machine" on the playground, ensuring everyone is swinging ridiculously high (without falling off).
You might show up to a scheduled classroom and find the teacher or the class missing. This is rare, but it happens. Just roll with the punches. Go to the office and see what's up, take a little break to catch upon email, etc. 
The team works very hard to make a schedule that gives you time with your children with an ideal day having time in a classroom setting, lunch, and on the playground. Be sure to let them know what an awesome job they do.  
Most importantly, enjoy your day and time with the kids!  Thank you for volunteering for this unique opportunity at Brentfield.
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